Genesis is a content creator based in Los Angeles, California.  As her name suggests, which is the origin or mode of formation of something, her love for photography and film started when she began her career in the field of lifestyle, beauty, celebrity and fashion as a make-up artist. She draws inspiration from a myriad of things ranging from her husband's work boots, pop culture to the current socio-cultural and political temperature.  

Her diverse take on her artistic journey connects her with the most talented people in the beauty, fashion, celebrity and entertainment scenes in Los Angeles.  Her love affair with exceptional imagery and story-telling is immense.  

Recently, Genesis was given an opportunity to be a part of an international gathering of content makers ,MIPCOM. She is also the first transgender artist to present an award at A&E's Diversify TV Excellence Awards in Cannes, France.

Her photographs have appeared in fashion magazines such as Jute, HUF, Kit, IMUTE, Bello, and Mith.



 You may reach her at